Why SkyHive is Cool, according to Gartner

"SkyHive analyzes organizational capabilities compared to industry market-driven benchmarks in order to help identify trends and gaps and highlight emerging skills."

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Helping organizations predict future talent needs for strategic acquisition and reskilling

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Providing external market data necessary to benchmark against internal findings

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Automating skills detection and gap analysis for learning recommendations to reduce skills gaps

Why SkyHive is Cool, according to its customers

Strategic Workforce

Optimized “build, borrow, buy, or bot” strategies to ensure an agile and evolving workforce plan that adapts to the ever-changing business needs.


Identify new career pathways at scale through skill-based proximity analysis; unlock human potential with personalized reskilling pathways.

Reskilling and

Match individuals’ skill gaps to targeted learning to align training budgets with current and future workforce requirements.

Labor Market

The most advanced real-time knowledge graph of jobs, skills, training, and labor market intelligence in the world.

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